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  1. I'm an aspiring birder
  2. I'm obsessed with floating in the ocean. I consider it to be meditation
  3. The book, Blue Mind, changed my life
  4. I sometimes snort if I laugh hard enough
  5. I love running very slowly with friends and cousins
  6. I enjoy walking my petite, but anxious yellow lab, Millie
  7. I have a talent for finding lucky pennies (and coins) when I'm running. I keep a large jar of them.
  8. I love collecting beach glass and heart stones 
  9. In person, I'm kind of shy despite what my social media looks like
  10. I like to sing and dance, but am quite challenged in both areas
  11. Spending time by myself recharges me
  12. I have ice cream every night (shhhh)
  13. Audio books have changed my life