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About Commissions


color sketches  

I love working with collectors to create a custom painting for their home! In general, I only accept commissions 24x24 and larger and a limited number each year. Please read through the info below and fill out the commission inquiry form! I look forward to talking with you about the project!

The Commission Process:

  1. I take time to make sure I understand your vision clearly. We also discuss the time frame, budget, and other considerations.
  2. I review photos of the space the painting(s) will be hanging). I recommend using painter’s tape to “map” out the space you would like art.
  3. If nearby, I might visit the location that is inspiring your painting.
  4. I email you a contract for your approval.
  5. I deliver color sketches for you to review. These are for you to keep and often look great framed up! 
  6. In addition to images I will email you as I progress, I will show you your painting in person when it is getting close to completion before finalizing art. For very large commissions and, if local, I might bring the piece in progress to your home or the intended space to review in person. This has been something clients and designers really have appreciated in the past.
  7. Delivery of work!


Do I work with designers? 
ABSOLUTELY! I have worked with several and enjoy the collaboration!

Will I work with other people’s photos? 
Yes, to a certain degree. I will work with a photo taken by a client as a general inspiration, but won’t “copy” a photo exactly and will need to have artistic license with the image to make it mine.

Will I paint people, pets or houses in the scene? 
I’m sorry, but I don’t paint people, pets or houses, at least not to sell! I do occasionally paint boats!

How are commissions priced? 
Commissions are more work for the artist, so there is an additional commission fee of 10% added to my prices (which are all by size). I usually split payments into thirds (1/3 at contract approval, 1/3 midway, 1/3 at delivery), but I am also flexible and happy to work out a payment plan that suits your needs!

What is excluded in the price of the commission?
Shipping and sales tax, if applicable. 

How quickly can I get a commission? 
It depends, but in general, the more time available is better. I do best when I don’t have a tight time frame. It adds to the stress on the artist and the creative process needs time for edits and adjustments, in addition to the time it takes to order and prep the panels for painting (this can take up to two weeks depending on the size). If you are in a rush, the best option is to purchase a painting already painted! ***Currently, I'm booking commissions a few years out, so if you are thinking of a commission, it's best to get on my list sooner than later, even if you don't know details of what you want at this time.

Are you considering a commission from me? To get the conversation started, please fill out this Commission Inquiry Form.