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  1. They are fun
  2. They are free
  3. There is yummy food
  4. There is wine and non-alcoholic beverages
  5. You can meet the artist
  6. You can meet other artists
  7. They are often colorful (the art and the other artists)
  8. You can learn about art
  9. Just attending is a great way to support the arts
  10. There is no pressure to purchase, but this is often at the beginning of a show so should you be looking to make a purchase, you have the most choice of art.
  11. You don't have to rsvp
  12. You can bring friends and family

Can you think of any other reasons to attend?? Please share with me below! I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
***For more information about my upcoming artist reception, please see postcard at bottom of this post.

You can ask the artist questions about a specific piece!

you can wear black


You can dress like your favorite painting

You can have your picture taken with artwork and friends/artists.

You can talk to important art dealers.
You can enjoy the art scene!
You can dance, as long as you are careful of the art and the other people.
You can bring a date!
You can dress up or dress down!

You can study the art up close. Just please don't touch :)
You can bring your family!
You can bring your kids!
You can relax with friends.
You can meet new people!
Don't forget to sign the guest book at the front desk. It's really nice for the artist to see who was there!


Hope to see you Thursday night! xoWhitney

PS Don't forget to comment below if you think of any other reasons to attend or if you have any questions!

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