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When I think of my ideal beach day, I think of sunshine, blue sky and light breeze, but sometimes what we think we want isn't what we really need. Sometimes we need to learn to be still. This painting, Title to come (see below for what I'm considering), was inspired by a beach day a couple of years ago. We got to the outer beach and were hoping for classic sunny and blue sky kind of summer beach day.

The fog rolled in and we were stuck on the beach while until the fog lifted. We were wrapped in it's soft color. Thankfully, we know enough now to always pack for weather changes (it's New England, after all!) and I always bring my sketchbook and watercolors. There was something so quiet and peaceful about the fog. I literally sat watching the water and the non-existent horizon fading in and out. It reminded me of meditation and that total state of rest you get simply by breathing in and out. You feel your whole body melt. It had a kind of hush about it. Don't get me wrong, I know fog can be quite dangerous to mariners, but safely anchored in my beach chair, it gave my brain and body a real chance to slow down and be quiet. It was a reason to be present and still and that was awesome! What is your favorite kind of beach day?

I often refer to my sketchbooks for inspiration when starting a painting and came across these when I was starting the painting above. Here are some pages I was looking at...

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