2013 (the year in review)

Highlights & Opportunities to Grow


Opportunities to Grow 2013:

  • growing back strength, hair, and life post-cancer 2012
  • doing art therapy
  • studio time! (gaining steam)
  • painting waves on paper and participating in the annual Holiday Sale at ArtSpace Maynard
  • committing to blogging regularly
  • committing to more daily art (in and outside of my studio - including getting my girls off screens and painting :-)
  • exploring lots of social media options/technology goals and beginning to learn a lot that will help me expand my reach
  • meeting with a financial planner to figure out our goals and how to get there
  • getting my art business its own bank account
  • Munson Gallery transitioning to online business only (after sale of physical gallery)(though still showing my work at Pisces and now also Vining's Bistro)
  • Mark August in downtown Chatham, MA now showing my work
  • Creating a post-cancer treatment painting to process it all
  • Completing "Mail Art 2012"(thanks KR!)
  • Becoming a Jeep owner (thanks FJH) & loving every minute
  • Taking an incredible trip to Northern California with college friends and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time!!!
  • 1-year clean scan in November :-)
  • Frank's new job as Chief Development Officer of www.expectmiraclesfoundation.org
  • Hair, energy, life!
  • Practicing daily "HLG"(high, low, gratitude)with the family

2014 (looking ahead)

Getting it Done/Doing WHAT I LOVE


Goals for 2014...

  • Paint Paint Paint ****number one art goal for 2014
  • Clean up studio
  • Organize and arrange studio to make more conducive to creating
  • Make more time for studio
  • Paint on more surfaces (paper, board, canvas)
  • Paint for longer stretches of time
  • Take video of the making of a painting
  • Play more
  • Experiment more with color relationships, edge, paint application


  • Watermark my images
  • Explore online marketplaces: website and/or Etsy
  • Approach galleries and other selling venues beyond Chatham, MA
  • Look for showing opportunities at new locations
  • Trying to get some press in local publications (especially coastal)
  • Network more
  • Education: blogging, tweeting, photographing my work regularly
  • Blog regularly (once a week?)
  • Update website (keep current on a seasonal basis)
  • Catalog and track my art sales


  • More art in summer and on school vacations - gallery openings, watercolor painting, photographing, writing, etc.
  • Incorporate art into my daily life (with my girls, watercolors, sketching, seeing art shows, reading about, stopping to look at and feel the world around me.)


  • Spend more time: being present, outside, meditating, playing, enjoying my family, friends and dog, helping others in need, being near or in the ocean, driving my Jeep, exercising, being grateful for health and the life I am living, DOING WHAT I LOVE.

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